Words have impact. What impact do your words have? Is it the right impact? Do your words reach the right people? Do they tell a story with your user as the hero? Do they color a vision for the future? Or are you driving people away using dull, ambiguous or misleading words?

We words. We love to make them right, and we love to make them play well together. Words are powerful elements in your quest to connect with users. To engage current and future users, you need to choose words wisely and with intent. That intent comes from research. Following our user-centered process, we dive into the mindset of your users to discover the words they use and the information they need.

Users search for words. Are they finding the answers they seek? From you? Or do you keep StackOverflow in business? Is essential knowledge scattered across Google Docs, blogs and wikis or, worse, stuck in the heads of developers? We help you extract that information and distill it into a compelling narrative that not only informs and educates your users, but also captivates and delights them.

No one can use words to document your products or services better than you. Why are you letting everyone else do the talking? Let’s make your content work for your users and, in turn, make your business a success.



Content can generate tremendous value, but creating it isn’t cheap. That’s why it’s crucial to know what content to create and who that content targets. Your content needs a strategy.

Assumptions are dangerous. Without a keen understanding of your goals and your users’ needs, you’ll struggle to connect with your audience. Actions must stem from research.

Knowledge is control. We ask the right people the right questions. We analyze internal and external objectives, processes and perceptions. We devise content and technical strategies that seamlessly align business objectives and user needs. From there, you can confidently launch initiatives that resonate with your users. The result: success.

Intense preparation yields meteoric success. Ideas alone don’t convince people to invest. You must show them that your products or services align with their needs. And you must compel them to act. Only then can you achieve your business goals.

Through research and planning, we help you devise a content strategy that transforms erroneous, expensive content into vibrant, valuable messaging.



Is internal workflow strife causing your content to suffer? A little automation goes a long way. The right code can save you from repeating yourself or stepping on toes. Escape the horror of revising the same text in multiple places! We can teach you how to write content once, write it well, transform it, then publish it everywhere.

We treat docs with the same pragmatism and care as code. We lead and sponsor the development of the Asciidoctor project and contribute to Bespoke.js in pursuit of an easier, more engaging, more productive way to write and present content. Our development toolbox is stocked with markup languages, build tools, dynamic languages, site generators, modern web technologies and libraries enough to displace all the books. We put this arsenal of technology to work for you to make your content beautiful both inside and out.

As leaders of the Asciidoctor project, we know how to extract the most value from content and put it to work for you and your business. If your message resonates, people won’t just learn about your products and services, they’ll invest in them. Shouldn’t you employ all the human and computing power you can to make those messages? That’s what we help you do. Our development services amplify your content.


Who We Are

We love Open Source. And we love content.
But what we love most is creating content for Open Source.


Sarah White

User Advocate & Storyteller


Dan Allen

Hacker & Content Composer

OpenDevise brings more than two decades of experience cultivating Open Source software communities and accelerating businesses built on them. We excel at communicating messages that engage users so they’re inspired to become members of your tribe and join you on your journey.

We measure success not merely by how many people adopt a technology, but by how many become influencers and leaders and how effectively they circulate the core message through story and culture.

Open Source Leadership

We understand the innovative power of Open Source. Our business is built on Open Source and we continuously invest in it. As part of our mission to shape the future of technical writing and publishing, we lead or contribute to the following projects.



Asciidoctor is a comprehensive, user-friendly publishing toolchain for the AsciiDoc writing format. As the leading implementation of AsciiDoc, Asciidoctor drives the syntax forward and promotes its usage. With Asciidoctor, you can write once and publish your content everywhere.



Bespoke.js is a lean & modular HTML5-based presentation library for modern web browsers. By combining a rich ecosystem with the boundless possibilities of the web, you can use it to create visuals that amplify your presentation and make your message resonate.



Editions is a toolchain for publishing periodicals in EPUB3, KF8 & PDF from content managed using GitHub repositories and composed in AsciiDoc. Editions helps attract authors to your publication by making the editorial experience a pleasant and rewarding one.

R&D funding for these Open Source projects is provided by the Asciidoctor Salt campaign and through dedicated contracts.

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