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adjective \ ˈō-pən \

to come into view; accessible; not obstructed; straightforward


verb \ di-ˈvīz \

to invent from existing principles or ideas; imagine; plot; plan

Sarah White


I’m equal parts scientist, architect, and writer. I deconstruct systems, ideas, and even words to understand the substance behind them.

But I don’t take things apart just to see how they work. My goal? To build them back up into better knowledge bases so that everyone can access and use them to achieve their goals.

Dan Allen


I’m a software developer, a thinker, and a creative. But above all, I’m a leader. I believe in inspiring others by doing. Activity drives progress. If we work together, we have the opportunity to create tools that get used all around the globe.

I don’t just build software, I build movements around software. I create communities of engaged individuals that power an idea. My goal is to create a world that defaults to open and thrives on transparency.

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